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It is now November

It is now September

It is still 2022, but somehow the month is now August

It is summer, way warmer than usual. Never Ready was amazing, I have so many thoughts and ideas and feelings i will try and put in to words, works, actions over the fall. My aim is to write more, I love my mechanical keyboard!, use the phone less, work better, sleep more and all that good stuff. But for now, below are some updates among my many sub domains.

May 2022

It is 2022, and I am still — or maybe again? — making websites the same way I have done for 25 years, with HTML and CSS and some basic JS and it is beautiful. The medium still works. The Web is wonderful.

I am slowly building my web presence up (again) outside of social media platforms as good as I can, and for the time beeing, this is what can be found here:

And in true #webcore manners, this webpage will never have a proper menu — it is all about digging through the hyperlinks.

Thanks for visiting, and please come back soon!